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We have put our heads together and have come up with a different volunteer model based on Tasks which basically eliminates the VP role and turns the role into a chair role. In this new model, the Chapter is run by the President, President Elect, Chairpersons and our Honorable Members who have played seminal roles in ISPI and act as advisors to our chapter.

Chairs are responsible for:  

  • Recruiting members to do tasks
  • Manage tasks/people
  • Report into Board meeting
  • Find a replacement chair for the following year
In exchange for taking on a Chair Position, the Chapter will pay for a Silver Membership to ISPI International.

Task sample is shown as follows. Click ISPIBABS Book of Tasks.docx to get the whole book of tasks.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and give back to the chapter!  We are looking to each and every one of our members to share the work load, collaborate and get more actively involved with the chapter!  

New Organization Structure Annoucement

If you are interested in volunteering but don‘t see a specific position or task that meets your interests, feel free to get in touch to discuss ways to contribute to the chapter. Please note that the interested candidate must be a current member to volunteer. If you are interested in learning more about the Chapter or in volunteering, send email to: president.ispibabs@gmail.com. In the case of volunteering,  we will need your name, your interest and how much time you can commit to per month!  Come and join us! We are a lot of fun to work with!

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