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Congratulations to all the ISPI 2018 Award Winners and Congratulations to all the members of the ISPI BABS Chapter!!

Let's give a round of applause to our own chapter of ISPI for winning 2018 Chapter of Merit, and 2018 Chapter of Excellence in Programming and Society Relations! Also, We are proud to be among 2018 Outstanding Human Performance Communication recipients! 

ISPI-BABS, you rock! 

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Click here or the snapshot below to enjoy our moments in the award ceremony at 2018 ISPI conference! 

Left one: Grayley McWatters, Chapter President
Left two: Dr. Tim Brock, Awards Chair for 2018 ISPI, Director of Consulting Services for Capella University
Left three:Sue Czeropski
Right two:Miki Turtsanyi
Right one:Ieva Swanson

Outstanding Human Performance Communication

  • ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter
  • Institute for Needs Assessment and Evaluation (IFNAE)
  • The Boeing Company
  • State Grid Corporation of China
  • Sanofi China
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Asset Management Talent Development
  • China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd , 
  • Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., 
  • University of North Texas 

Outstanding Human Performance Intervention

  • U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown
  • U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma
  • U.S. Customs & Border Protection

MeeHeather Hanson our latest new member!

After an eleven-year active duty career in the United States Air Force, Heather served in a variety of instructional design and performance improvement roles, mostly for government clients including the FBI, CIA, and the Department of Energy (and for a stint as a program manager with the FBI as an employee). Heather took a few years off work to be home with her daughter, Bella, who is now five, and her son, Logan, who is now three. She completed her certificate in Workplace Performance Improvement with Boise State University in December 2017 and currently designs SAFe®  courses at Scaled Agile in Boulder, CO. 

Meet Vicky Stieha, another new member!

Vicki Stieha is an experienced researcher, educator/trainer, and academic leader with 20 years of experience in higher education. She has developed and led innovative and award-winning educational programs. Her current collaborations include designing and evaluating innovations to support university-to-workplace transitions and to better prepare engineers for the 21st century workplace.  Her current research examines approaches to foster greater intrinsic motivation and growth mindsets for creativity. Dr. Stieha teaches in Boise State’s OPWL program.

She can be reached at vickistieha@boisestate.edu.

ISPI Bay Area / Boise State (BABS) Chapter is a chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)

What is it that you want from a professional organization? Would you like to:

  • Build enriching, rewarding relationships?
  • Develop your leadership skills?
  • Partner with professional peers?
  • Keep up-to-date on proven practices and industry trends?
Then you are looking for ISPI Bay Area/Boise State (ISPI BABS) chapter!

ISPI BABS is a young and rapidly expanding professional association. The Boise State Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) department and student body has joined forces with what was the ISPI Bay Area chapter in Northern California to form a new, organizational chapter that operates virtually. It is called the ISPI Bay Area/Boise State (BABS) chapter. Although the group has strong roots in Northern California and the Boise OPWL community, we welcome new members in Northern California and other educational institutions.

We follow and support the ISPI standards and RSVP Plus:

Standard 1: Focus on results, while remaining impartial.
Standard 2: Take a systemic view, combined with our expert consulting and communication skills.
Standard 3: Add value to the organization by facilitating better decision making.
Standard 4: Establish partnerships.

Plus: Remain solution neutral.

Please click here or visit http://www.ispi.org to learn more information about our parent organization-International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).

Join us?

Please click here to join the ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter! There are many benefits of membership, including:

  • Discount prices on ISPI events and certification programs
  • Free webinars – we sponsor an average of 1 per month
  • Recorded webinar library
  • Member discussion board
  • Opportunities to develop your leadership style

Membership Fee

  • Regular chapter member -- $50.00 (USD) annually
  • Student chapter member -- $30.00(USD) annually

If you want to dip your toes in the water first, we highly recommend you to attend some of our monthly webinars and start to get a feel for it (webinars are free to all BSU OPWL students). Click here for Upcoming Events!

Opportunities for professional networking and learning

One of the most important steps toward advancing careers in the exciting field of human performance improvement is to join a professional association. Currently, we have members from all over North America. Here are some great reasons for joining the ISPI BABS Chapter.


ISPI organizes both international and national annual conferences. Thanks to technology, the ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter gives you an opportunity to connect more frequently with members and other professionals who share your interest. We offer webinars most months, and occasional face-to-face events. These are opportunities for you to mix and mingle with others in your field in both professional and relaxing settings.

Personal & Professional Growth

If your career aspirations include the desire to present your work, publish, and/or keep up-to-date on proven practices or industry trends and how to manage them, the ISPI Bay Area/Boise State Chapter can help you find opportunities.


Mentoring is the cornerstone of many professional organizations, and is a valuable part of ISPI as a whole, and of our chapter. Both emerging professionals and more experienced practitioners can find value in mentoring and being mentored. A number of the seasoned professionals in our chapter are well known in the performance improvement field and generously lend their expertise.

Career Development

Networking builds relationships with people who hire, even though they may not be hiring at the moment, and with people who may be able to point you to job listings that other avenues may not. In addition, active participation in a professional organization like this chapter can be an impressive entry on your résumé.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have lots of opportunities for members who want to be involved and help shape it. What is it that you want from a professional organization? Bring your voice to the mix, and help us build something that meets the needs of our community. Volunteers help in the following types of activities:

  • Programs
  • Technology
  • Membership
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance
If you are interested in learning more about the Chapter or in volunteering, please visit here for more information.


ISPI Bay Message

View the ISPI Bay Message to learn more about the chapter:

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