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    • 17 Jun 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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    Come join us for a conversation with Practitioners from the industries of: Human Resources, Performance Improvement, and Communication Skills Training. We will discuss the process and best practices utilized to implement DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as well as considerations for performance improvement. 


    Kristin Morris, EdD, is a transformational leader, an award winning licensed adult educator, and a performance improvement professional with over 14 years of experience in diverse Adult Learning Facilitation, Instructional Design, Curriculum Customization as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives. She specializes in learning and development as well as organizational development utilizing a system’s learning approach. Kristin stands out for her unique ability to establish trust and build strong foundational working relationships with her clients. She is skilled in effectively identifying growth & learning opportunities as well as building a customized learning program that works best for each client to improve employee performance/development.

    Her versatility has afforded her a well-rounded experience working with private, corporate, and nonprofit companies throughout her career. During her time with the St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium, she worked to identify learning opportunities for 11 non-profit member agencies that were culturally and linguistically diverse. She was also given the “Provider of the Year” award by Ramsey County for her exemplary work and contributions to adult learners pursuing their GED and new job skills. 

    Kristin brings her multitude of business experience working with organizations such as: Minnesota Department of Education- Adult Basic Education Office, St. Paul Pubic Schools, Minnesota Workforce Centers, Ramsey County, US Department of Education- Great Lakes Educational Co., UnitedHealth Group, Mortenson, Sequel Consulting Group, and the Minneapolis Foundation. Kristin has researched and created an ROI (return on investment) impact study for the largest global healthcare organization and is working towards ROI certification from the ROI Institute. She has a passion for service with experience working with several St. Paul Public School Superintendents focusing on equitable education as well as currently serving a Chair of D.E.L.O.R.E.S Works, Inc., a non-profit organization aimed at ensuring equitable education for children in St. Paul Public Schools. Kristin also holds the Director of Programs board position for the International Society for Performance Improvement Boise State/Bay Area chapter. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. 

    Dr. Morris holds a bachelor’s and Master’s in Education in Human Resource Development and Adult Education from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and an EdD from Capella University with a specialization in Performance Improvement Leadership along with a certificate in Leadership and Accountability. Her passion is working to develop others as well as making them feel valued for who they are and understanding what they need to achieve their goals.

    Lydia G. Mallett, Ph.D. is a Global Human Resources Leader and Consultant. Dr. Mallett has experience in consumer foods, safety and security and manufacturing industries. Her leadership roles have included Chief Diversity Officer and Leader of Global Talent Acquisition at Dupont. She led the development and execution of aggressive strategies for, Inclusion and Diversity, Employee Engagement and Talent Acquisition. Her dynamic, thoughtful and inclusive approach garnered leadership commitment, to support the implementation of business aligned programs and initiatives resulting in strong outcomes.  

    Prior to DuPont, Dr. Mallett was Vice President, Global Staffing and Diversity with Tyco International where she led the design and implementation of a global Inclusion and Diversity Center of Excellence and Global Talent Acquisition. Additional career moves included Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer and Business Partner for the Snacks business unit, for General Mills. Dr. Mallett started her career as a Management Consultant at Coopers & Lybrand and James H. Lowry & Associates where she gained expertise in the areas of leadership development, inclusion and diversity, performance management, succession planning and facilitation.

    Dr. Mallett holds a Ph.D. and MA in Social Psychology (Michigan State University); a MA in Labor and Industrial Relations (Michigan State University) and a BA in Psychology (Michigan State University). Harvard Business SchoolWomen on Boards: Succeeding as a Corporate Director.

    Board service includes: Executive Leadership Council (ELC) – Past co-chair governance committee, Past President – Minnesota Women’s Campaign Fund, National Women’s Business Council – White House appointment, Former Conference Board Chair – Council on Global Diversity.


    Shawn loves people and is dedicated to helping her clients “enjoy the spotlight.”

    Her unique approach to communication comes from her classical theater training and 25+ years as a professional theater, voice-over, and on-camera actor.

    Shawn’s 20 years’ experience as a communications coach with CEOs, executives, and attorneys of major corporations and law firms has proven invaluable in helping these clients focus their thinking, direct how their message is perceived, and transform the way they view being in the “spotlight.”

    Shawn is a certified qualified administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), an assessment tool used to build intercultural competency for individuals and groups within organizations. The primary focus of her work in diversity inclusion is helping organizations create environments that are aware and respectful of cultural differences through her workshop How to Have Difficult Conversations in the Workplace. She is also a certified conflict resolution trainer (Creating a Drama-Free Workplace), as well as, a brainskills@work: neuroscience of positive change trainer. 

    In 2020 Shawn was selected by Governor Tim Walz to serve on the Fourth District (Hennepin County) Judicial Selection Commission.

    In 2014, Shawn was appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court to serve on the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board. She is a member of MN Film and TV board, as well as a board member of the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists. Shawn is a former board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners-Minnesota chapter and has served as a member of the Guthrie Theater’s Community Advisory Committee.

    Her clients include Mayo Clinic, General Mills, Boston Scientific, Target, Lockheed Martin, Minneapolis Institute of Art, and Medtronic. Shawn is the go-to communication resource for the Dorsey & Whitney, and Robins Kaplan law firms.

    Shawn is also the founder of artists2artists, a mentorship program designed to support the next generation of Twin Cities-based theater artists.

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