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    • 28 Mar 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Online(PT time)
    • 138


    In the spirit of ISPI’s year of storytelling, CDR Scott Casad will share his journey from aspiring oceanographer to ISPI President. Along the way, he has learned many lessons that have helped him create meaning and value for himself, the U.S. Coast Guard, and ISPI. If you are or ever have wondered how performance improvement and HPT could enrich both your professional and personal life, let’s spend some time together and learn from each other.


    Scott Casad, CPT, PhD serves as a Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard where he is the Chief of Training at Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown. Originally a resident of Oregon, he graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science in marine environmental science.

    After six years of operational assignments, he landed an instructor position and found his passion for performance technology, which led to Master's degrees from Old Dominion University and Boise State University. Over the past 12 years, his experiences range from schoolhouse instructional designer to performance consultant for major acquisitions to headquarters training manager of operational and mission support programs. Scott holds a Doctorate from Old Dominion University in organizational learning and development. His dissertation explored the role and effect of elementary teacher psychology capital on turnover, work roles, stress, commitment, and satisfaction.

    • 11 Apr 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Online(PT time)
    • 143


    This webinar will cover the Guy’s key ISD Analysis data – Performance Data and the Enabling Knowledge/Skill Data and its use in the steps for creating a Lesson Map. Guy has been collecting ISD data in this format for ISD efforts since 1979 and he has been mapping lessons in this manner since 1990.

    His 1999 book, “lean-ISD” – recipient of an ISPI Award of Excellence for Instructional Communications in 2002, also covers these methods. This book is available as a free 410 page PDF as well as a Kindle and paperback: https://eppic.biz/free-book-pdf-lean-isd/.


    Guy  Wallace is a Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect, and has been in the ISD profession since 1979, when he was initially influenced by the work and writing of Geary Rummler, Tom Gilbert, Bob Mager and Joe Harless. He has been an external consultant since 1982 and has served over 80 clients including more than 45 F500 firms. He joined his local NSPI (now ISPI) chapter in 1979 and served on their newsletter committee. He has attended 30 ISPI Conferences since 1980, has served on several dozen ISPI committees, as a Director on the Board (1999-2001), as President-Elect and President (2002-2004) and was the recipient of ISPI highest award in 2010, Honorary Life Member, as approved by two successive Boards. He co-founded the ISPI Charlotte Chapter in 2009 and served on its Board and as President. Guy has presented 35 times at NSPI/ISPI Chapters starting with his first in 1982; and he has presented 59 times at NSPI/ISPI Conferences since his first in 1985.

    He may be reached via email at: guy.wallace@eppic.biz and via his website at: www.eppic.biz

    • 30 May 2019
    • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Online(PT time)
    • 147

    Program Description:

    How do HPT practitioners help teams open up to new talents that they may need to meet changing organizational objectives? A growth mindset can help individual employees and teams make greater contributions as the organization itself becomes a better place to learn and perform. Join us for an interactive and fast-paced webinar where we will share the early results of our evolving work on team mindsets. We’ll introduce what a growth mindset is and how it affects individuals and teams. We’ll let you reflect on your own mindset. Then we will explore a team growth mindset and our current work to measure it. We will provide several strategies to enhance a team growth mindset in your organization. We are also interested in hearing your feedback about our work, how to improve it, and how it may apply in your own organizations.  


    Soo Jeoung "Crystal" Han is an Assistant Professor in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning (OPWL) program in the College of Engineering at Boise State University in the U.S. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in Educational Human Resource Development at Texas A&M University. She teaches the Foundation of OPWL and Principles of Adult Learning. Her research interests include the field of a virtual team, growth mindset in teams, shared leadership development, and women executive leadership. She has published several SSCI journals and book chapters in the field of collaborative e-learning, shared leadership, and women leadership. Her Team Mindset Lab includes the details at https://opwl.boisestate.edu/team-mindset-lab/.   
    Alisha Bumgarner is a Learning and Development Manager at Airgas, she is currently a graduate student at Boise State University, where she is earning her master's degree in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning. Alisha is an advocate of continuous learning with a focus on effective training that engages adult learners. Alisha is known for creating and designing training using a variety of methods, such as quantitative research, evaluations and needs assessments. These scientific methods allow her to identify performance gaps and create valuable training that contributes to the organization's overall goals.

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