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ISPI Bay Area / Boise State (BABS) Virtual Chapter

is a Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI)

The International Society for Performance Improvement is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization that believes in “Being Better Matters”. We help people and organizations make a measurable difference. To their co-workers and clients. Their communities. Their world.


ISPI and its members use evidence-based performance improvement research and practices to effect sustainable, measurable results and add value to stakeholders in the private, public, and social sectors


Performance improvement practices are recognized globally as an essential part of every organization’s competitive strategy.


  • Maintain a global mindset.
  • Facilitate networking among practitioners.
  • Leverage opportunities.
  • Foster diversity and inclusion.
  • Value stakeholders.
  • Operate under the Standards of Performance Technology and the Code of Ethics of our profession.

ISPI's approach and their 10 Standards of Performance Improvement are universal. They can be applied to any individual, group, organization, industry, or sector and can be used to create meaningful results for any performance challenge or opportunity.

  1. Focus on Results or Outcomes
  2. Take a Systemic View
  3. Add Value
  4. Work in Partnership with Clients and Stakeholders
  5. Determine Need or Opportunity
  6. Determine Cause
  7. Design Solutions including Implementation and Evaluation
  8. Ensure Solutions’ Conformity and Feasibility
  9. Implement Solutions
  10. Evaluate Results and Impact 

Find more information about our parent organization at

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