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Research-driven Tactics That Improve Training Outcomes

  • September 27, 2018
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
  • Online(PT time)
  • 104


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Patti Shank, PhD, is a learning designer, researcher, analyst, and author who is recognized internationally for her contributions to the L&D field. She is known for evidence-based analysis of improving the outcomes from training and performance initiatives.

Patti speaks regularly at training and learning technology conferences and is the author of Write and Organize for Deeper Learning and Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning. These books are part of the Make It Learnable series, which offer practical tactics for improving outcomes based on training and other research.

Patti was the research director for The eLearning Guild, an award-winning contributing editor for Online Learning Magazine, and her articles are found in the ATD Science of Learning and Senior Leaders BlogseLearning Industry, and elsewhere. Website:

Patti completed her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado, Denver. Her research on new online learners won an EDMEDIA best research paper award. She lives in Denver, Colorado, USA.


Take a look at typical organizational learning content and you’ll see things that make it more difficult to learn, remember, and apply. Too much content and overloaded memory (and little learning). Unclear messages. Long-winded content making it hard to find the intended messages. Writing and designing for learnability means making it easier to learn, remember, and apply!

Here’s the (very) good news. Research offers instructional, writing, and information design principles that show us how to make instruction more learnable. Patti Shank, PhD, author of Write and Organize for Deeper Learning and Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning, former learning research director, and learning analyst, has made these strategies and tactics clear and actionable.

In this session, participants will learn actionable tactics from research that help us:

  • Understand memory so we don’t make it hard to learn
  • Quickly estimate and then fix the readability of your content
  • Make content clearer and easier to understand
  • Support remembering and use

Here’s an excerpt from a review of Patti’s Write and Organize for Deeper Learning:

Excellent book, clear, concise and very useful and immediately applicable. Reminiscent of Mager, which I intend to be the highest praise I can convey from someone in the L&D industry. There are a lot of books and resources published on the latest buzzwords and panaceas to the woes of our industry, but Patti does not contribute to that crime. She has written a resource that can help anyone improve their instructional writing and design, to the support and promotion of real performance improvement.

Want to get the most from this session? Beforehand, think of specific content you want to improve so you can think through the tactics with this content in mind. We know (from research) that we learn best when able to apply it right away.  More information about Patti:

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