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Self-Leadership and Human Performance Improvement: Hand in Glove

  • August 20, 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
  • Online(PT time)
  • 48


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Self-leadership involves making conscious choices that move one towards a different, better future, one we want and are motivated to have. In an evolving vision of possible better futures, we make our choices and take responsibility for them, make plans intended to make that future more likely to happen, then act and adjust to produce that future. Self-regulation is essential – we have to focus, prioritize, engage, adapt, recover and persist. Seldom does our current skillset remain sufficient for the successful completion of the journey – we require further learning and application.

Our performance improvement accelerates when we are motivated to learn the right content and behaviors, practice with feedback, and supported by an aligned environment. A systemic approach can make our learning journey more efficient, effective and satisfying. We may rely on others (for example, our organization, manager, HR) to shape our environment in learning-conducive ways. Most certainly, we have a critical role to play, too. 

Learn how our cares, commitments and mindset affect our worldview. Reflect our internal operating system shapes our perception of the world, our choices and our ability to navigate an increasingly challenging and uncertain landscape. Become more aware of who you are as an observer and exercise.


John Lazar, MA, MCC, IOC Fellow, has been a coach and management consultant since 1983, including 25 years as a leadership/executive coach to CEOs and Presidents, business owners, executives, and senior managers through his company John B. Lazar & Associates, Inc.

He works with individual leaders and their teams, enhancing their self-awareness and self-management, and altering their perspectives, skill sets, stories and performance to produce socially and emotionally intelligent leadership aation (ICF) since 1999. He published a coaching journal, speaks at national and international conferences, writes coaching articles and book chapters, and contributes articles to the Arianna Huffington Thrive Global blog.

He has been a member of NSPI/ISPI since 1981, a Chicago chapter president in 1992 and a current member of the ISPI Board of Directors since 2018.

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