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    LinkedIn Learning has just released John’s latest full course, Learning Graphic Design: Layouts. This is an introductory course for all beginners, and during LinkedIn’s Week of Learning,Oct 24-30, this course and 5,000 others are 100% free! 

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    Follow this link to download the Conference brochure.

    Click here to register NOW! Special Discount. Save $250* off a Conference Registration with Code EMSP.

    Follow this link to reserve your room today.

    Be Recognized. Show Off Your Best eLearning. Enter the Learning Design Challenge! Learn more here.

    5 Chances to Upgrade Your Skills at 2016 Online Learning Conference

    The pre-conference 2-Day Certificate Programs give you the essential knowledge, practiced techniques, and sound theories you need to become (and remain!) a top performer in your field. You'll not only walk away with a certificate (and eBadge), you'll also jumpstart your career and enhance your professional know-how. Choose from:

    • eLearning Bootcamp: Getting Up and Running...Fast!
    • Creating the Best Interactive eLearning with Adobe Captivate
    • eLearning Instructional Design Fundamentals
    • Designing for Engagement Using Social Learning and Gamification
    • Storyboarding to Storyline

    Follow this link for complete details of the 2016 Certificate Programs.

    Get Mobile. Use Games. Be Social. Drive Engagement.

    Join us in Chicago for the 2016 Online Learning Conference (OLC) where training meets technology. In addition to thought-provoking keynotes, hands-on clinics, and breakout sessions, OLC will offer xLabs at iconic and innovative spaces in Chicago, which will stretch your thinking about designing and delivering eLearning.

    Plus, you'll compare and evaluate "who does it best" in demos from Training magazine's new Learning Design Challenge and the Training Technology Test Kitchen.

    The 2016 Online Learning Conference promises to take the Windy City by storm!
    To learn more, click here.

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    Call for proposals is now open.The deadline for submitting proposals is August 1, 2016

    Please visit here for more detailed information!

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    Courtney Kamin serves as the chapter and program manager at ISPI. Her responsibilities include providing support for the existing and forming chapters, as well as serving as liaison for the Chapter Partnership Committee. In addition, she works on all the programs that are part of ISPI, the biggest of which is our Annual Conference. She helps coordinate our databases for the Call for Proposals and the Awards of Excellence, as well as the overall conference. She also helps with our certification process. Administratively, she provides operational and structural support for policies and protocol to ensure the day-to-day operations and projects of the ISPI office are as smooth as possible.

    Please visit here for more detailed information!

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    Dr. Peter Honebein has been appointed as Editor-in-Chief of Performance Improvement Journal(PIJ). 

    PIJ is an acclaimed journal geared toward practitioners of performance technology in the workplace. Learn from hands-on experiences with models, interventions, "how-to" guides, and ready-to-use job aids, as well as research articles. Performance Improvement also offers updates on trends, reviews, and field viewpoints.

    Please visit here for more detailed information!

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    Dr. Jeff Allen, Regents Professor of Learning Technology, has been appointed Editor of Performance Improvement Quarterly(PIQ).

    PIQ is a publication of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Founded in 1962, ISPI is the leading international association dedicated to improving productivity and performance in the workplace. PIQ’s mission is to stimulate professional discussion and advance the interdisciplinary research and field of human performance improvement through the publication of scholarly works including literature reviews and empirical studies with a variety of research designs.

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    All are welcome to join!

    You have been invited to a online meeting 
    Join the meeting:
    On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download.
    On a phone or tablet, launch the app ( and enter meeting code:
    Join the audio conference: 
    Dial a phone number and enter access code, or connect via internet.
    By phone: 
    United States - Atlanta, GA   +1.404.801.3225
    United States - Camden, DE   +1.302.202.5900
    United States - Detroit, MI   +1.734.746.0035
    United States - Hartford, CT   +1.860.970.0010
    United States - Los Angeles, CA   +
    United States - New York, NY   +1.646.307.1990
    United States - San Francisco, CA   +1.415.655.0381
    United States - Saugus, MA   +1.781.666.2350
    United States - Tampa, FL   +1.813.769.0500
    United States - Washington, DC   +1.202.602.1295
    Access Code   751-834-830#
    Other international numbers available (
    By computer via internet: 
    Join the meeting, click the phone icon and select 'Call via internet'. A small download might be required.
    Start time by time zones (

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    We will be conducting our routine chapter business meeting on Thursday, February 11 @ 6pm PST.

    All members are welcome and encouraged to attend! 

    Call information below:

    Join the meeting:

    On a computer, use any browser. Nothing to download.
    On a phone or tablet, launch the app and enter meeting code:

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    Dial a phone number and enter access code, or connect via internet.

    By phone:
    United States - Atlanta, GA   +1.404.801.3225
    United States - Camden, DE   +1.302.202.5900
    United States - Detroit, MI   +1.734.746.0035
    United States - Hartford, CT   +1.860.970.0010
    United States - Los Angeles, CA   +
    United States - New York, NY   +1.646.307.1990
    United States - San Francisco, CA   +1.415.655.0381
    United States - Saugus, MA   +1.781.666.2350
    United States - Tampa, FL   +1.813.769.0500
    United States - Washington, DC   +1.202.602.1295
    Access Code   751-834-830#

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